Package pywurfl :: Module wurflprocessor
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Module wurflprocessor

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WURFL processing utility.

Author: Armand Lynch <>

Copyright: Copyright 2004-2011, Armand Lynch

License: LGPL

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Deferred Device Error Exception
Base class for DeviceHandler objects
WURFL Processing Class
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main(processor_class, device_handler_class, option_parser)
Main utility function
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  __doc__ = ...
  __contributors__ = 'Pau Aliagas <>'
  __url__ = ''
  usage = 'usage: %prog [options] WURFL_XML_FILE'
  op = OptionParser(usage= usage)
  __package__ = 'pywurfl'
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main(processor_class, device_handler_class, option_parser)

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Main utility function

Function to help instantiate a WurflProcessor class or subclass with additional command line options.

  • processor_class (WurflProcessor) - The WurflProcessor class or a subclass.
  • device_handler_class (DeviceHandler) - A reference to a subclass of DeviceHandler.
  • option_parser (OptionParser.OptionParser) - An instance of OptionParser. The dictionary from this object will be passed to processor_class in the keyword 'option'.

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WURFL processing utility.